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Bioinformatics : structures and interactions (R Lavery)

Our research involves using structural bioinformatics to better understand the links between sequence, structure, interaction and, ultimately, biological function at the molecular scale. Achieving this goal firstly requires access to a wide variety of biological data (nucleic acid and protein sequences, protein and protein complex structures, mutational and pathological data, ….) to which we can add value by annotation in the broadest sense (through the identification of homologies, structural predictions, identification of function, ….).
Secondly, it requires not only using a broad range of existing theoretical tools, but also developing new tools to solve the problems which arise. Both these elements of our research naturally depend on access to appropriate computer facilities, both for our own studies, but also to make the resulting data available to the international community of biologists (notably through the web services of the regional bioinformatics group, PRABI). To this end we maintain up-to-date local computer resources, but we also make extensive use the grid and supercomputer facilities. Our present research interests include the Hepatitis C virus (for which we maintain the European database euHCVdb), the development of new pharmacologically interesting molecules targeting human and bacterial kinases, and, more generally, a better understanding of the structure, dynamics, stability and the interactions of proteins.