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2017 [Top] 1
52.  Solid-state NMR and EPR Spectroscopy of Mn(2+) -Substituted ATP-Fueled Protein Engines.   
Wiegand T, Lacabanne D, Keller K, Cadalbert R, Lecoq L, Yulikov M, Terradot L, Jeschke G, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2017) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 56 : 3369-3373

2016 [Top] 6
51.  Erratum: The structure of Legionella pneumophila LegK4 type four secretion system (T4SS) effector reveals a novel dimeric eukaryotic-like kinase.   
Flayhan A, Berge C, Bailo N, Doublet P, Bayliss R, Terradot L
(2016) Sci Rep 6 : 20746-20746

50.  Solid-state NMR chemical-shift perturbations indicate domain reorientation of the DnaG primase in the primosome of Helicobacter pylori.   
Gardiennet C, Wiegand T, Bazin A, Cadalbert R, Kunert B, Lacabanne D, Gutsche I, Terradot L, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2016) J Biomol NMR 64 : 189-95

49.  Syndecans as Cell Surface Receptors in Cancer Biology. A Focus on their Interaction with PDZ Domain Proteins.   
Cheng B, Montmasson M, Terradot L, Rousselle P
(2016) Front Pharmacol 7 : 10-10

48.  Solid-state NMR sequential assignments of the N-terminal domain of HpDnaB helicase.   
Wiegand T, Gardiennet C, Ravotti F, Bazin A, Kunert B, Lacabanne D, Cadalbert R, Guntert P, Terradot L, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2016) Biomol NMR Assign 10 : 13-23

47.  Tetramerization and interdomain flexibility of the replication initiation controller YabA enables simultaneous binding to multiple partners.   
Felicori L, Jameson KH, Roblin P, Fogg MJ, Garcia-Garcia T, Ventroux M, Cherrier MV, Bazin A, Noirot P, Wilkinson AJ, Molina F, Terradot L, Noirot-Gros MF
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 : 449-63

46.  Monitoring ssDNA Binding to the DnaB Helicase from Helicobacter pylori by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.   
Wiegand T, Cadalbert R, Gardiennet C, Timmins J, Terradot L, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2016) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 55 : 14164-14168

2015 [Top] 3
45.  Dioxygen Activation and Catalytic Reduction to Hydrogen Peroxide by a Thiolate-Bridged Dimanganese(II) Complex with a Pendant Thiol.   
Gennari M, Brazzolotto D, Pecaut J, Cherrier MV, Pollock CJ, DeBeer S, Retegan M, Pantazis DA, Neese F, Rouzieres M, Clerac R, Duboc C
(2015) J Am Chem Soc 137 : 8644-53

44.  Structure and primase-mediated activation of a bacterial dodecameric replicative helicase.   
Bazin A, Cherrier MV, Gutsche I, Timmins J, Terradot L
(2015) Nucleic Acids Res 43 : 8564-76

43.  The structure of Legionella pneumophila LegK4 type four secretion system (T4SS) effector reveals a novel dimeric eukaryotic-like kinase.   
Flayhan A, Berge C, Bailo N, Doublet P, Bayliss R, Terradot L
(2015) Sci Rep 5 : 14602-14602

2014 [Top] 3
42.  Artificial metalloenzymes derived from bovine ?-lactoglobulin for the asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of an aryl ketone--synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity.   
Chevalley A, Cherrier MV, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Ghasemi M, Salmain M
(2014) Dalton Trans 43 : 5482-9

41.  The Brucella TIR domain containing proteins BtpA and BtpB have a structural WxxxE motif important for protection against microtubule depolymerisation.   
Felix C, Kaplan Turkoz B, Ranaldi S, Koelblen T, Terradot L, O'Callaghan D, Vergunst AC
(2014) Cell Commun Signal 12 : 53-53

40.  The crystal structure of Fe?S? quinolinate synthase unravels an enzymatic dehydration mechanism that uses tyrosine and a hydrolase-type triad.   
Cherrier MV, Chan A, Darnault C, Reichmann D, Amara P, Ollagnier De Choudens S, Fontecilla-Camps JC
(2014) J Am Chem Soc 136 : 5253-6

2013 [Top] 4
39.  Small angle neutron scattering for the study of solubilised membrane proteins.   
Breyton C, Gabel F, Lethier M, Flayhan A, Durand G, Jault JM, Juillan-Binard C, Imbert L, Moulin M, Ravaud S, Hartlein M, Ebel C
(2013) Eur Phys J E Soft Matter 36 : 71-71

38.  An artificial oxygenase built from scratch: substrate binding site identified using a docking approach.   
Esmieu C, Cherrier MV, Amara P, Girgenti E, Marchi-Delapierre C, Oddon F, Iannello M, Jorge-Robin A, Cavazza C, Menage S
(2013) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 52 : 3922-5

37.  [Structure and mode of injection of the oncoprotein CagA of Helicobacter pylori].   
Kaplan-Turkoz B, Terradot L
(2013) Med Sci (Paris) 29 : 33-6

36.  Structure of the Toll/interleukin 1 receptor (TIR) domain of the immunosuppressive Brucella effector BtpA/Btp1/TcpB.   
Kaplan-Turkoz B, Koelblen T, Felix C, Candusso MP, O'Callaghan D, Vergunst AC, Terradot L
(2013) FEBS Lett 587 : 3412-6

2012 [Top] 4
35.  Structural insights into Helicobacter pylori oncoprotein CagA interaction with ?1 integrin.   
Kaplan-Turkoz B, Jimenez-Soto LF, Dian C, Ertl C, Remaut H, Louche A, Tosi T, Haas R, Terradot L
(2012) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109 : 14640-5

34.  A sedimented sample of a 59?kDa dodecameric helicase yields high-resolution solid-state NMR spectra.   
Gardiennet C, Schutz AK, Hunkeler A, Kunert B, Terradot L, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2012) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 51 : 7855-8

33.  Architecture of a dodecameric bacterial replicative helicase.   
Stelter M, Gutsche I, Kapp U, Bazin A, Bajic G, Goret G, Jamin M, Timmins J, Terradot L
(2012) Structure 20 : 554-64

32.  The structure of the periplasmic nickel-binding protein NikA provides insights for artificial metalloenzyme design.   
Cherrier MV, Girgenti E, Amara P, Iannello M, Marchi-Delapierre C, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Menage S, Cavazza C
(2012) J Biol Inorg Chem 17 : 817-29

2011 [Top] 6
31.  Architecture of the Helicobacter pylori Cag-type IV secretion system.     
Terradot L, Waksman G
(2011) FEBS J 278 : 1213-22

30.  The structure of the Helicobacter pylori ferric uptake regulator Fur reveals three functional metal binding sites.     
Dian C, Vitale S, Leonard GA, Bahlawane C, Fauquant C, Leduc D, Muller C, De Reuse H, Michaud-Soret I, Terradot L
(2011) Mol Microbiol 79 : 1260-75

29.  Crystal structure of HP0721, a novel secreted protein from Helicobacter pylori.     
Cioci G, Terradot L, Dian C, Mueller-Dieckmann C, Leonard G
(2011) Proteins 79 : 1678-81

28.  DiaA/HobA and DnaA: a pair of proteins co-evolved to cooperate during bacterial orisome assembly.     
Zawilak-Pawlik A, Donczew R, Szafra?ski S, Mackiewicz P, Terradot L, Zakrzewska-Czerwi?ska J
(2011) J Mol Biol 408 : 238-51

27.  Histidine 416 of the periplasmic binding protein NikA is essential for nickel uptake in Escherichia coli.   
Cavazza C, Martin L, Laffly E, Lebrette H, Cherrier MV, Zeppieri L, Richaud P, Carriere M, Fontecilla-Camps JC
(2011) FEBS Lett 585 : 711-5

26.  Bacterial protein interaction networks: puzzle stones from solved complex structures add to a clearer picture.     
Terradot L, Noirot-Gros MF
(2011) Integr Biol (Camb) 3 : 645-52

2010 [Top] 3
25.  Structural insight into Helicobacter pylori DNA replication initiation.   
Terradot L, Zawilak-Pawlik A
(2010) Gut Microbes 1 : 330-334

24.  Structural and mechanistic insights into Helicobacter pylori NikR activation.     
Bahlawane C, Dian C, Muller C, Round A, Fauquant C, Schauer K, De Reuse H, Terradot L, Michaud-Soret I
(2010) Nucleic Acids Res 38 : 3106-18

23.  Crystallographic snapshots of the reaction of aromatic C-H with O(2) catalysed by a protein-bound iron complex.   
Cavazza C, Bochot C, Rousselot-Pailley P, Carpentier P, Cherrier MV, Martin L, Marchi-Delapierre C, Fontecilla-Camps JC, Menage S
(2010) Nat Chem 2 : 1069-76

2009 [Top] 6
22.  Structures of the tumor necrosis factor alpha inducing protein Tipalpha: a novel virulence factor from Helicobacter pylori.     
Tosi T, Cioci G, Jouravleva K, Dian C, Terradot L
(2009) FEBS Lett 583 : 1581-5

21.  Structural basis for the preferential recognition of immature flaviviruses by a fusion-loop antibody.   
Cherrier MV, Kaufmann B, Nybakken GE, Lok SM, Warren JT, Chen BR, Nelson CA, Kostyuchenko VA, Holdaway HA, Chipman PR, Kuhn RJ, Diamond MS, Rossmann MG, Fremont DH
(2009) EMBO J 28 : 3269-76

20.  Expression of Helicobacter pylori CagA domains by library-based construct screening.     
Angelini A, Tosi T, Mas P, Acajjaoui S, Zanotti G, Terradot L, Hart DJ
(2009) FEBS J 276 : 816-24

19.  An icosahedral algal virus has a complex unique vertex decorated by a spike.   
Cherrier MV, Kostyuchenko VA, Xiao C, Bowman VD, Battisti AJ, Yan X, Chipman PR, Baker TS, Van Etten JL, Rossmann MG
(2009) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106 : 11085-9

18.  The structure of a DnaA/HobA complex from Helicobacter pylori provides insight into regulation of DNA replication in bacteria.     
Natrajan G, Noirot-Gros MF, Zawilak-Pawlik A, Kapp U, Terradot L
(2009) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106 : 21115-20

17.  Helicobacter pylori type IV secretion apparatus exploits beta1 integrin in a novel RGD-independent manner.     
Jimenez-Soto LF, Kutter S, Sewald X, Ertl C, Weiss E, Kapp U, Rohde M, Pirch T, Jung K, Retta SF, Terradot L, Fischer W, Haas R
(2009) PLoS Pathog 5 : e1000684-e1000684

2008 [Top] 4
16.  In HspA from Helicobacter pylori vicinal disulfide bridges are a key determinant of domain B structure.     
Loguercio S, Dian C, Flagiello A, Scannella A, Pucci P, Terradot L, Zagari A
(2008) FEBS Lett 582 : 3537-41

15.  Structural and enzymatic characterization of HPO496, a YbgC thioesterase from Helicobacter pylori     
Angelini A, Cendron L, Goncalves S, Zanotti G, Terradot L

14.  Structural characterization of a putative endogenous metal chelator in the periplasmic nickel transporter NikA.   
Cherrier MV, Cavazza C, Bochot C, Lemaire D, Fontecilla-Camps JC
(2008) Biochemistry 47 : 9937-43

13.  Structural and enzymatic characterization of HP0496, a YbgC thioesterase from Helicobacter pylori.   
Angelini A, Cendron L, Goncalves S, Zanotti G, Terradot L
(2008) Proteins 72 : 1212-21

2007 [Top] 2
12.  Structural similarity between the DnaA-binding proteins HobA (HP1230) from Helicobacter pylori and DiaA from Escherichia coli.     
Natrajan G, Hall DR, Thompson AC, Gutsche I, Terradot L
(2007) Mol Microbiol 65 : 995-1005

11.  Identification, structure and mode of action of a new regulator of the Helicobacter pylori HP0525 ATPase.     
Hare S, Fischer W, Williams R, Terradot L, Bayliss R, Haas R, Waksman G
(2007) EMBO J 26 : 4926-34

2006 [Top] 2
10.  Structural basis of the nickel response in Helicobacter pylori: crystal structures of HpNikR in Apo and nickel-bound states.     
Dian C, Schauer K, Kapp U, McSweeney SM, Labigne A, Terradot L
(2006) J Mol Biol 361 : 715-30

9.  pH dependent Ni(II) binding and aggregation of Escherichia coli and Helicobacter pylori NikR.     
Fauquant C, Diederix RE, Rodrigue A, Dian C, Kapp U, Terradot L, Mandrand-Berthelot MA, Michaud-Soret I
(2006) Biochimie 88 : 1693-705

2005 [Top] 2
8.  Structures of two core subunits of the bacterial type IV secretion system, VirB8 from Brucella suis and ComB10 from Helicobacter pylori.     
Terradot L, Bayliss R, Oomen C, Leonard GA, Baron C, Waksman G
(2005) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102 : 4596-601

7.  Crystallographic and spectroscopic evidence for high affinity binding of FeEDTA(H2O)- to the periplasmic nickel transporter NikA.   
Cherrier MV, Martin L, Cavazza C, Jacquamet L, Lemaire D, Gaillard J, Fontecilla-Camps JC
(2005) J Am Chem Soc 127 : 10075-82

2004 [Top] 2
6.  Biochemical characterization of protein complexes from the Helicobacter pylori protein interaction map: strategies for complex formation and evidence for novel interactions within type IV secretion systems.     
Terradot L, Durnell N, Li M, Li M, Ory J, Labigne A, Legrain P, Colland F, Waksman G
(2004) Mol Cell Proteomics 3 : 809-19

5.  Structural basis of 5-nitroimidazole antibiotic resistance: the crystal structure of NimA from Deinococcus radiodurans.     
Leiros HK, Kozielski-Stuhrmann S, Kapp U, Terradot L, Leonard GA, McSweeney SM
(2004) J Biol Chem 279 : 55840-9

2001 [Top] 2
4.  Analysis of a three-dimensional structure of Potato leafroll virus coat protein obtained by homology modeling.     
Terradot L, Souchet M, Tran V, Giblot Ducray-Bourdin D
(2001) Virology 286 : 72-82

3.  The passage of Potato leafroll virus through Myzus persicae gut membrane regulates transmission efficiency.     
Rouze-Jouan J, Terradot L, Pasquer F, Tanguy S, Giblot Ducray-Bourdin D D
(2001) J Gen Virol 82 : 17-23

1999 [Top] 1
2.  Molecular characterization of clones of the Myzus persicae complex (Hemiptera : Aphididae) differing in their ability to transmit the potato leafroll luteovirus (PLRV)     
Terradot L, Simon JC, Leterme N, Bourdin D, Wilson ACC, Gauthier JP, Robert Y

1997 [Top] 1
1.  Efficacy of botanicals from the Meliaceae and Piperaceae     
Assabgui R, Lorenzetti F, Terradot L, RegnaultRoger C, Malo N, Wiriyachitra P, SanchezVindas PE, SanRoman L, Isman MB, Durst T, Arnason JT