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2017 [Top] 14
608.  Microinvasive squamous carcinoma of neovagina created with peritoneal flap (Davidov): Case report and literature review.   
Reyes Claret A, Martin Jimenez A, Robles Gourley AA, Ibarra De La Rosa JM, Vicens Vidal M
(2017) J Obstet Gynaecol 37 : 131-135

607.  Flavonoid dimers are highly potent killers of multidrug resistant cancer cells overexpressing MRP1.   
Dury L, Nasr R, Lorendeau D, Comsa E, Wong I, Zhu X, Chan KF, Chan TH, Chow L, Falson P, Di Pietro A, Baubichon-Cortay H
(2017) Biochem Pharmacol 124 : 10-18

606.  Bacterial physiology: Wrapping the cell in a CozE shell.   
Ducret A, Grangeasse C
(2017) Nat Microbiol 2 : 16262-16262

605.  Analyzing DNA curvature and its impact on the ionic environment: application to molecular dynamics simulations of minicircles.   
Pasi M, Zakrzewska K, Maddocks JH, Lavery R
(2017) Nucleic Acids Res 45 : 4269-4277

604.  Structural basis of homo- and heterotrimerization of collagen I.   
Sharma U, Carrique L, Vadon-Le Goff S, Mariano N, Georges RN, Delolme F, Koivunen P, Myllyharju J, Moali C, Aghajari N, Hulmes DJ
(2017) Nat Commun 8 : 14671-14671

603.  Non-interacting proteins may resemble interacting proteins: prevalence and implications.   
Launay G, Ceres N, Martin J
(2017) Sci Rep 7 : 40419-40419

602.  Line-Broadening in Low-Temperature Solid-State NMR Spectra of Fibrils.   
Bauer T, Dotta C, Balacescu L, Gath J, Hunkeler A, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2017) J Biomol NMR 67 : 51-61

601.  Tuning the Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Balance to Control the Structure of Chitosan Films and Their Protein Release Behavior.   
Becerra J, Sudre G, Royaud I, Montserret R, Verrier B, Rochas C, Delair T, David L
(2017) AAPS PharmSciTech 18 : 1070-1083

600.  Partially-deuterated samples of HET-s(218-289) fibrils: assignment and deuterium isotope effect.   
Smith AA, Ravotti F, Testori E, Cadalbert R, Ernst M, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2017) J Biomol NMR 67 : 109-119

599.  Amyloid Fibril Polymorphism: Almost Identical on the Atomic Level, Mesoscopically Very Different.   
Seuring C, Verasdonck J, Ringler P, Cadalbert R, Stahlberg H, Bockmann A, Meier BH, Riek R
(2017) J Phys Chem B 121 : 1783-1792

598.  Solid-state NMR and EPR Spectroscopy of Mn(2+) -Substituted ATP-Fueled Protein Engines.   
Wiegand T, Lacabanne D, Keller K, Cadalbert R, Lecoq L, Yulikov M, Terradot L, Jeschke G, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2017) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 56 : 3369-3373

597.  Quantification of Detergents Complexed with Membrane Proteins.   
Chaptal V, Delolme F, Kilburg A, Magnard S, Montigny C, Picard M, Prier C, Monticelli L, Bornert O, Agez M, Ravaud S, Orelle C, Wagner R, Jawhari A, Broutin I, Pebay-Peyroula E, Jault JM, Kaback HR, Le Maire M, Falson P
(2017) Sci Rep 7 : 41751-41751

596.  On Atomistic Models for Molecular Oxygen.   
Javanainen M, Vattulainen I, Monticelli L
(2017) J Phys Chem B 121 : 518-528

595.  Hexagonal ice in pure water and biological NMR samples.   
Bauer T, Gath J, Hunkeler A, Ernst M, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2017) J Biomol NMR 67 : 15-22

2016 [Top] 35
594.  Solid-state NMR chemical-shift perturbations indicate domain reorientation of the DnaG primase in the primosome of Helicobacter pylori.   
Gardiennet C, Wiegand T, Bazin A, Cadalbert R, Kunert B, Lacabanne D, Gutsche I, Terradot L, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2016) J Biomol NMR 64 : 189-95

593.  Structure-function analysis of the extracellular domain of the pneumococcal cell division site positioning protein MapZ.   
Manuse S, Jean NL, Guinot M, Lavergne JP, Laguri C, Bougault CM, VanNieuwenhze MS, Grangeasse C, Simorre JP
(2016) Nat Commun 7 : 12071-12071

592.  Overexpression, Membrane Preparation, and Purification of a Typical Multidrug ABC Transporter BmrA.   
Wiseman B, Jault JM
(2016) Methods Mol Biol 1432 : 133-42

591.  Protein-DNA interfaces: a molecular dynamics analysis of time-dependent recognition processes for three transcription factors.   
Etheve L, Martin J, Lavery R
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 : 9990-10002

590.  Functional Characterization of Pseudomonas Contact Dependent Growth Inhibition (CDI) Systems.   
Mercy C, Ize B, Salcedo SP, De Bentzmann S, Bigot S
(2016) PLoS One 11 : e0147435-e0147435

589.  Correction: Functional Characterization of Pseudomonas Contact Dependent Growth Inhibition (CDI) Systems.   
Mercy C, Ize B, Salcedo SP, De Bentzmann S, Bigot S
(2016) PLoS One 11 : e0150538-e0150538

588.  Atomic modelling and systematic mutagenesis identify residues in multiple drug binding sites that are essential for drug resistance in the major Candida transporter Cdr1.   
Nim S, Lobato LG, Moreno A, Chaptal V, Rawal MK, Falson P, Prasad R
(2016) Biochim Biophys Acta 1858 : 2858-2870

587.  Erratum: The structure of Legionella pneumophila LegK4 type four secretion system (T4SS) effector reveals a novel dimeric eukaryotic-like kinase.   
Flayhan A, Berge C, Bailo N, Doublet P, Bayliss R, Terradot L
(2016) Sci Rep 6 : 20746-20746

586.  Syndecans as Cell Surface Receptors in Cancer Biology. A Focus on their Interaction with PDZ Domain Proteins.   
Cheng B, Montmasson M, Terradot L, Rousselle P
(2016) Front Pharmacol 7 : 10-10

585.  Frequency of VanA, VanB and VanH variants amongst vancomycin-resistant enterococci isolated from patients in central region of Iran.   
Rezvani J, Nasr R, T Shamsabadi F, Akbari Eidgahi MR
(2016) Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench 9 : 308-315

584.  Leishmania tarentolae as a Promising Tool for Expressing Polytopic and Multi-Transmembrane Spans Eukaryotic Membrane Proteins: The Case of the ABC Pump ABCG6.   
Gonzalez-Lobato L, Chaptal V, Molle J, Falson P
(2016) Methods Mol Biol 1432 : 119-31

583.  Cell-free expression, purification, and membrane reconstitution for NMR studies of the nonstructural protein 4B from hepatitis C virus.   
Fogeron ML, Jirasko V, Penzel S, Paul D, Montserret R, Danis C, Lacabanne D, Badillo A, Gouttenoire J, Moradpour D, Bartenschlager R, Penin F, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2016) J Biomol NMR 65 : 87-98

582.  2-Indolylmethylenebenzofuranones as first effective inhibitors of ABCC2.   
Baiceanu E, Nguyen KA, Gonzalez-Lobato L, Nasr R, Baubichon-Cortay H, Loghin F, Le Borgne M, Chow L, Boumendjel A, Peuchmaur M, Falson P
(2016) Eur J Med Chem 122 : 408-18

581.  Monitoring ssDNA Binding to the DnaB Helicase from Helicobacter pylori by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.   
Wiegand T, Cadalbert R, Gardiennet C, Timmins J, Terradot L, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2016) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 55 : 14164-14168

580.  Solid-state NMR sequential assignments of the N-terminal domain of HpDnaB helicase.   
Wiegand T, Gardiennet C, Ravotti F, Bazin A, Kunert B, Lacabanne D, Cadalbert R, Guntert P, Terradot L, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2016) Biomol NMR Assign 10 : 13-23

579.  Exploring the diversity of protein modifications: special bacterial phosphorylation systems.   
Mijakovic I, Grangeasse C, Turgay K
(2016) FEMS Microbiol Rev 40 : 398-417

578.  The C-terminal Domains of Apoptotic BH3-only Proteins Mediate Their Insertion into Distinct Biological Membranes.   
Andreu-Fernandez V, Garcia-Murria MJ, Bano-Polo M, Martin J, Monticelli L, Orzaez M, Mingarro I
(2016) J Biol Chem 291 : 25207-25216

577.  Microscopy-based Assays for High-throughput Screening of Host Factors Involved in Brucella Infection of Hela Cells.   
Casanova A, Low SH, Emmenlauer M, Conde-Alvarez R, Salcedo SP, Gorvel JP, Dehio C
(2016) J Vis Exp 

576.  CRISPR-mediated control of the bacterial initiation of replication.   
Wiktor J, Lesterlin C, Sherratt DJ, Dekker C
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 : 3801-10

575.  Dynamics and recognition within a protein-DNA complex: a molecular dynamics study of the SKN-1/DNA interaction.   
Etheve L, Martin J, Lavery R
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 : 1440-8

574.  The linker region of breast cancer resistance protein ABCG2 is critical for coupling of ATP-dependent drug transport.   
Macalou S, Robey RW, Jabor Gozzi G, Shukla S, Grosjean I, Hegedus T, Ambudkar SV, Bates SE, Di Pietro A
(2016) Cell Mol Life Sci 73 : 1927-37

573.  Role of eukaryotic-like serine/threonine kinases in bacterial cell division and morphogenesis.   
Manuse S, Fleurie A, Zucchini L, Lesterlin C, Grangeasse C
(2016) FEMS Microbiol Rev 40 : 41-56

572.  Rewiring the Pneumococcal Cell Cycle with Serine/Threonine- and Tyrosine-kinases.   
Grangeasse C
(2016) Trends Microbiol 24 : 713-24

571.  Tetramerization and interdomain flexibility of the replication initiation controller YabA enables simultaneous binding to multiple partners.   
Felicori L, Jameson KH, Roblin P, Fogg MJ, Garcia-Garcia T, Ventroux M, Cherrier MV, Bazin A, Noirot P, Wilkinson AJ, Molina F, Terradot L, Noirot-Gros MF
(2016) Nucleic Acids Res 44 : 449-63

570.  Single Nanoparticle Plasmonic Spectroscopy for Study of the Efflux Function of Multidrug ABC Membrane Transporters of Single Live Cells.   
Browning LM, Lee KJ, Cherukuri PK, Nallathamby PD, Warren S, Jault JM, Xu XN
(2016) RSC Adv 6 : 36794-36802

569.  Further exploration of the conformational space of ?-synuclein fibrils: solid-state NMR assignment of a high-pH polymorph.   
Verasdonck J, Bousset L, Gath J, Melki R, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2016) Biomol NMR Assign 10 : 5-12

568.  Two different centered monoclinic crystals of the E. coli outer-membrane protein OmpF originate from the same building block.   
Chaptal V, Kilburg A, Flot D, Wiseman B, Aghajari N, Jault JM, Falson P
(2016) Biochim Biophys Acta 1858 : 326-32

567.  Atomic-resolution structure of a disease-relevant A?(1-42) amyloid fibril.   
Walti MA, Ravotti F, Arai H, Glabe CG, Wall JS, Bockmann A, Guntert P, Meier BH, Riek R
(2016) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113 : E4976-84

566.  MRP1-dependent collateral sensitivity of multidrug-resistant cancer cells: identifying selective modulators inducing cellular glutathione depletion.   
Lorendeau D, Dury L, Nasr R, Boumendjel A, Teodori E, Gutschow M, Falson P, Di Pietro A, Baubichon-Cortay H
(2016) Curr Med Chem 

565.  Implication of Terminal Residues at Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interfaces.   
Martin OM, Etheve L, Launay G, Martin J
(2016) PLoS One 11 : e0162143-e0162143

564.  Diffraction anisotropy falloff in the direction of the detergent belt for two centered monoclinic crystals of OmpF.   
Chaptal V, Kilburg A, Flot D, Wiseman B, Aghajari N, Jault JM, Falson P
(2016) Data Brief 7 : 726-9

563.  Cell division of Streptococcus pneumoniae: think positive!   
Garcia PS, Simorre JP, Brochier-Armanet C, Grangeasse C
(2016) Curr Opin Microbiol 34 : 18-23

562.  pHluorin enables insights into the transport mechanism of antiporter Mdr1: R215 is critical for drug/H+ antiport.   
Redhu AK, Khandelwal NK, Banerjee A, Moreno A, Falson P, Prasad R
(2016) Biochem J 473 : 3127-45

561.  An Efficient Procedure for Removal and Inactivation of Alpha-Synuclein Assemblies from Laboratory Materials.   
Bousset L, Brundin P, Bockmann A, Meier B, Melki R
(2016) J Parkinsons Dis 6 : 143-51

560.  Sequence-specific solid-state NMR assignments of the mouse ASC PYRIN domain in its filament form.   
Ravotti F, Sborgi L, Cadalbert R, Huber M, Mazur A, Broz P, Hiller S, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2016) Biomol NMR Assign 10 : 107-15

2015 [Top] 48
559.  C?? fullerene promotes lung monolayer collapse.   
Barnoud J, Urbini L, Monticelli L
(2015) J R Soc Interface 12 : 20140931-20140931

558.  Wheat germ cell-free expression: Two detergents with a low critical micelle concentration allow for production of soluble HCV membrane proteins.   
Fogeron ML, Badillo A, Jirasko V, Gouttenoire J, Paul D, Lancien L, Moradpour D, Bartenschlager R, Meier BH, Penin F, Bockmann A
(2015) Protein Expr Purif 105 : 39-46

557.  F protein increases CD4+CD25+ T cell population in patients with chronic hepatitis C.   
Hashempour T, Bamdad T, Bergamini A, Lavergne JP, Haj-Sheykholeslami A, Brakier-Gingras L, Ajorloo M, Merat S
(2015) Pathog Dis 73

556.  Co-Inactivation of GlnR and CodY Regulators Impacts Pneumococcal Cell Wall Physiology.   
Johnston C, Bootsma HJ, Aldridge C, Manuse S, Gisch N, Schwudke D, Hermans PW, Grangeasse C, Polard P, Vollmer W, Claverys JP
(2015) PLoS One 10 : e0123702-e0123702

555.  Alternative salt bridge formation in A?-a hallmark of early-onset Alzheimer's disease?   
Schledorn M, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2015) Front Mol Biosci 2 : 14-14

554.  Phosphorylation of the cell division protein GpsB regulates PrkC kinase activity through a negative feedback loop in Bacillus subtilis.   
Pompeo F, Foulquier E, Serrano B, Grangeasse C, Galinier A
(2015) Mol Microbiol 97 : 139-50

553.  Converting potent indeno[1,2-b]indole inhibitors of protein kinase CK2 into selective inhibitors of the breast cancer resistance protein ABCG2.   
Jabor Gozzi G, Bouaziz Z, Winter E, Daflon-Yunes N, Aichele D, Nacereddine A, Marminon C, Valdameri G, Zeinyeh W, Bollacke A, Guillon J, Lacoudre A, Pinaud N, Cadena SM, Jose J, Le Borgne M, Di Pietro A
(2015) J Med Chem 58 : 265-77

552.  Spinning proteins, the faster, the better?   
Bockmann A, Ernst M, Meier BH
(2015) J Magn Reson 253 : 71-9

551.  The structure of Legionella pneumophila LegK4 type four secretion system (T4SS) effector reveals a novel dimeric eukaryotic-like kinase.   
Flayhan A, Berge C, Bailo N, Doublet P, Bayliss R, Terradot L
(2015) Sci Rep 5 : 14602-14602

550.  MARTINI Coarse-Grained Models of Polyethylene and Polypropylene.   
Panizon E, Bochicchio D, Monticelli L, Rossi G
(2015) J Phys Chem B 119 : 8209-16

549.  Differential Role of the T6SS in Acinetobacter baumannii Virulence.   
Repizo GD, Gagne S, Foucault-Grunenwald ML, Borges V, Charpentier X, Limansky AS, Gomes JP, Viale AM, Salcedo SP
(2015) PLoS One 10 : e0138265-e0138265

548.  Protein synthesis by ribosomes with tethered subunits.   
Orelle C, Carlson ED, Szal T, Florin T, Jewett MC, Mankin AS
(2015) Nature 524 : 119-24

547.  Atomic-resolution three-dimensional structure of amyloid ? fibrils bearing the Osaka mutation.   
Schutz AK, Vagt T, Huber M, Ovchinnikova OY, Cadalbert R, Wall J, Guntert P, Bockmann A, Glockshuber R, Meier BH
(2015) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 54 : 331-5

546.  Biologically active carbazole derivatives: focus on oxazinocarbazoles and related compounds.   
Bouaziz Z, Issa S, Gentili J, Gratz A, Bollacke A, Kassack M, Jose J, Herfindal L, Gausdal G, Dskeland SO, Mullie C, Sonnet P, Desgrouas C, Taudon N, Valdameri G, Di Pietro A, Baitiche M, Le Borgne M
(2015) J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem 30 : 180-8

545.  Mapping mid-cell: MapZ shows the way.   
Grangeasse C, Lesterlin C
(2015) Cell Cycle 14 : 937-8

544.  Recent trends of chalcones potentialities as antiproliferative and antiresistance agents.   
Winter E, Locatelli C, Di Pietro A, Creczynski-Pasa TB
(2015) Anticancer Agents Med Chem 15 : 592-604

543.  Internal Normal Mode Analysis (iNMA) Applied to Protein Conformational Flexibility.   
Frezza E, Lavery R
(2015) J Chem Theory Comput 11 : 5503-12

542.  Hepatitis C Virus Envelope Glycoprotein E1 Forms Trimers at the Surface of the Virion.   
Falson P, Bartosch B, Alsaleh K, Tews BA, Loquet A, Ciczora Y, Riva L, Montigny C, Montpellier C, Duverlie G, Pecheur EI, Le Maire M, Cosset FL, Dubuisson J, Penin F
(2015) J Virol 89 : 10333-46

541.  Regulatory potential of post-translational modifications in bacteria.   
Grangeasse C, Stulke J, Mijakovic I
(2015) Front Microbiol 6 : 500-500

540.  The substrate-free and -bound crystal structures of the duplicated taurocyamine kinase from the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni.   
Merceron R, Awama AM, Montserret R, Marcillat O, Gouet P
(2015) J Biol Chem 290 : 12951-63

539.  Identification of Noncompetitive Inhibitors of Cytosolic 5'-Nucleotidase II Using a Fragment-Based Approach.   
Marton Z, Guillon R, Krimm I, Rahimova R, Egron D, Jordheim LP, Aghajari N, Dumontet C, Perigaud C, Lionne C, Peyrottes S, Chaloin L
(2015) J Med Chem 58 : 9680-96

538.  Chaperoning 5S RNA assembly.   
Madru C, Lebaron S, Blaud M, Delbos L, Pipoli J, Pasmant E, Rety S, Leulliot N
(2015) Genes Dev 29 : 1432-46

537.  Functional expression, purification, characterization, and membrane reconstitution of non-structural protein 2 from hepatitis C virus.   
Fogeron ML, Paul D, Jirasko V, Montserret R, Lacabanne D, Molle J, Badillo A, Boukadida C, Georgeault S, Roingeard P, Martin A, Bartenschlager R, Penin F, Bockmann A
(2015) Protein Expr Purif 116 : 1-6

536.  Interaction between Bacillus subtilis YsxC and ribosomes (or rRNAs).   
Wicker-Planquart C, Jault JM
(2015) FEBS Lett 589 : 1026-32

535.  Active site coupling in Plasmodium falciparum GMP synthetase is triggered by domain rotation.   
Ballut L, Violot S, Shivakumaraswamy S, Thota LP, Sathya M, Kunala J, Dijkstra BW, Terreux R, Haser R, Balaram H, Aghajari N
(2015) Nat Commun 6 : 8930-8930

534.  Reassessment of MxiH subunit orientation and fold within native Shigella T3SS needles using surface labelling and solid-state NMR.   
Verasdonck J, Shen DK, Treadgold A, Arthur C, Bockmann A, Meier BH, Blocker AJ
(2015) J Struct Biol 192 : 441-8

533.  Structure-based drug design identifies polythiophenes as antiprion compounds.   
Herrmann US, Schutz AK, Shirani H, Huang D, Saban D, Nuvolone M, Li B, Ballmer B, Aslund AK, Mason JJ, Rushing E, Budka H, Nystrom S, Hammarstrom P, Bockmann A, Caflisch A, Meier BH, Nilsson KP, Hornemann S, Aguzzi A
(2015) Sci Transl Med 7

532.  The C-terminal ?-helix of YsxC is essential for its binding to 50S ribosome and rRNAs.   
Wicker-Planquart C, Ceres N, Jault JM
(2015) FEBS Lett 589 : 2080-6

531.  The Localization and Action of Topoisomerase IV in Escherichia coli Chromosome Segregation Is Coordinated by the SMC Complex, MukBEF.   
Zawadzki P, Stracy M, Ginda K, Zawadzka K, Lesterlin C, Kapanidis AN, Sherratt DJ
(2015) Cell Rep 13 : 2587-96

530.  MatrixDB, the extracellular matrix interaction database: updated content, a new navigator and expanded functionalities.   
Launay G, Salza R, Multedo D, Thierry-Mieg N, Ricard-Blum S
(2015) Nucleic Acids Res 43 : D321-7

529.  Protein resonance assignment at MAS frequencies approaching 100kHz: a quantitative comparison of J-coupling and dipolar-coupling-based transfer methods.   
Penzel S, Smith AA, Agarwal V, Hunkeler A, Org ML, Samoson A, Bockmann A, Ernst M, Meier BH
(2015) J Biomol NMR 63 : 165-86

528.  Dioxygen Activation and Catalytic Reduction to Hydrogen Peroxide by a Thiolate-Bridged Dimanganese(II) Complex with a Pendant Thiol.   
Gennari M, Brazzolotto D, Pecaut J, Cherrier MV, Pollock CJ, DeBeer S, Retegan M, Pantazis DA, Neese F, Rouzieres M, Clerac R, Duboc C
(2015) J Am Chem Soc 137 : 8644-53

527.  Autophosphorylation of the Bacterial Tyrosine-Kinase CpsD Connects Capsule Synthesis with the Cell Cycle in Streptococcus pneumoniae.   
Nourikyan J, Kjos M, Mercy C, Cluzel C, Morlot C, Noirot-Gros MF, Guiral S, Lavergne JP, Veening JW, Grangeasse C
(2015) PLoS Genet 11 : e1005518-e1005518

526.  Phenolic indeno[1,2-b]indoles as ABCG2-selective potent and non-toxic inhibitors stimulating basal ATPase activity.   
Gozzi GJ, Bouaziz Z, Winter E, Daflon-Yunes N, Honorat M, Guragossian N, Marminon C, Valdameri G, Bollacke A, Guillon J, Pinaud N, Marchivie M, Cadena SM, Jose J, Le Borgne M, Di Pietro A
(2015) Drug Des Devel Ther 9 : 3481-95

525.  Live-cell superresolution microscopy reveals the organization of RNA polymerase in the bacterial nucleoid.   
Stracy M, Lesterlin C, Garza De Leon F, Uphoff S, Zawadzki P, Kapanidis AN
(2015) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112 : E4390-9

524.  A purified truncated form of yeast Gal4 expressed in Escherichia coli and used to functionalize poly(lactic acid) nanoparticle surface is transcriptionally active in cellulo.   
Legaz S, Exposito JY, Borel A, Candusso MP, Megy S, Montserret R, Lahaye V, Terzian C, Verrier B
(2015) Protein Expr Purif 113 : 94-101

523.  Dual properties of hispidulin: antiproliferative effects on HepG2 cancer cells and selective inhibition of ABCG2 transport activity.   
Scoparo CT, Valdameri G, Worfel PR, Guterres FA, Martinez GR, Winnischofer SM, Di Pietro A, Rocha ME
(2015) Mol Cell Biochem 409 : 123-33

522.  A Proline-Tryptophan Turn in the Intrinsically Disordered Domain 2 of NS5A Protein Is Essential for Hepatitis C Virus RNA Replication.   
Dujardin M, Madan V, Montserret R, Ahuja P, Huvent I, Launay H, Leroy A, Bartenschlager R, Penin F, Lippens G, Hanoulle X
(2015) J Biol Chem 290 : 19104-20

521.  A hydrophobic filter confers the cation selectivity of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii plasma-membrane Na+/H+ antiporter.   
Kinclova-Zimmermannova O, Falson P, Cmunt D, Sychrova H
(2015) J Mol Biol 427 : 1681-94

520.  Structure and primase-mediated activation of a bacterial dodecameric replicative helicase.   
Bazin A, Cherrier MV, Gutsche I, Timmins J, Terradot L
(2015) Nucleic Acids Res 43 : 8564-76

519.  Modulators of the human ABCC2: hope from natural sources?   
Baiceanu E, Crisan G, Loghin F, Falson P
(2015) Future Med Chem 7 : 2041-63

518.  Solid-state NMR sequential assignment of Osaka-mutant amyloid-beta (A?1-40 E22?) fibrils.   
Huber M, Ovchinnikova OY, Schutz AK, Glockshuber R, Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2015) Biomol NMR Assign 9 : 7-14

517.  Analyzing ion distributions around DNA: sequence-dependence of potassium ion distributions from microsecond molecular dynamics.   
Pasi M, Maddocks JH, Lavery R
(2015) Nucleic Acids Res 43 : 2412-23

516.  The structure of fibrils from 'misfolded' proteins.   
Meier BH, Bockmann A
(2015) Curr Opin Struct Biol 30 : 43-9

515.  Structure and assembly of the mouse ASC inflammasome by combined NMR spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy.   
Sborgi L, Ravotti F, Dandey VP, Dick MS, Mazur A, Reckel S, Chami M, Scherer S, Huber M, Bockmann A, Egelman EH, Stahlberg H, Broz P, Meier BH, Hiller S
(2015) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112 : 13237-42

514.  Full engagement of liganded maltose-binding protein stabilizes a semi-open ATP-binding cassette dimer in the maltose transporter.   
Alvarez FJ, Orelle C, Huang Y, Bajaj R, Everly RM, Klug CS, Davidson AL
(2015) Mol Microbiol 98 : 878-94

513.  Coarse-grained force fields for molecular simulations.   
Barnoud J, Monticelli L
(2015) Methods Mol Biol 1215 : 125-49

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2014 [Top] 52
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2013 [Top] 44
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2012 [Top] 42
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2011 [Top] 39
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2010 [Top] 34
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2009 [Top] 43
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2008 [Top] 40
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2007 [Top] 26
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2006 [Top] 24
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2005 [Top] 19
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2003 [Top] 28
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1999 [Top] 12
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1998 [Top] 9
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1996 [Top] 6
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1995 [Top] 1
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1994 [Top] 5
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1993 [Top] 8
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1992 [Top] 4
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1991 [Top] 5
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1990 [Top] 5
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