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general presentation of the team

The team was merged from Pascal Sommer’s and Dominique Sigaudo-Roussel’s teams, and has been reinforced by the arrival of Jerome Lamartine early 2016. 

Our group studies the biomechanical response of healthy skin, skin weakened by stress such as aging or wound, or skin reconstructed by tissue engineering. Biologists and physiologists who compose this group conduct an integrated research of the skin ranging from fundamental studies to the patient, through tissue engineering and genetic diseases.

We focus our work on the role of the neurovascular system in the defense of the skin and its repair. We study the elastic fiber network, which gives youthful skin its mechanical properties, but which degrades over age and that is not restored during healing.

This is to better understand :

  • the cutaneous defense mechanisms in response to compression to improve the prevention of skin ulcers ;
  • the mechanisms of tissue repair and implications for functional recovery of the skin ;
  • the mecanobiology of elastic tissue and the relation between cells and matrix mechanical properties ;
  • the influence of extracellular matrix-mimicking biomaterials on cells organization and behaviour, to optimize in a non-empirical fashion the formation of a valid tissue ;
  • the mechanisms of normal or accelerated aging that affect the skin quality. We study the effects of diabetes on skin affected by pathological changes in elastic fibers.

The ability to repair tissue may be compromised in weakened or pathological condition and may lead to the formation of vulnerable and unstable scar tissue. Indeed, the formation of elastic fibers is not (or inadequately) performed during tissue repair or in wound ulcers. This deficiency results in an increased incidence of skin lesions, such as those observed during aging but also obesity, diabetes, and other rare diseases.

Themes of the laboratory :

Keywords :

skin, microcirculation, elastic fibres, pressure ulcers, repair

Contact  :
Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines
FRE3310 – DyHTIT
7, passage du Vercors
69 367 Lyon cedex 07
Tel : +33(0)4 78 77 86 62

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