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The unit members are heavily involved in education at the University Claude Bernard, in the License STS Biology and Biochemistry as well as in the Master of Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Dominique LE GUELLEC (Pr.)

  • In charge for course : M2Pro Imaging of Microstructures
  • In charge for teaching :
    • License of Biology : L1 General Biology - L3 Genetics and Cellular Biology
    • Master Pro : Transmission Electronic Microscopy
  • Members of the Training Working group of the Department of Biology

Claire LETHIAS (Pr.)

  • In charge for teaching :
    • License of Biology : L2 Biochemistry and Cellular Biology
    • Master Research : M1 Cellular Technology - M2 Bibliography and scientific Writing
    • Master Pro : Surface Microscopy
  • Pedagogical referent

Elisabeth Aubert-Foucher (MCF)

  • Participation for teaching :
    • License of Biochemistry (L1, L2 and L3)

Loris G. Baggetto (DR)

  • Co-Head of DIU onco-ophthalmology, University Lyon 1
  • In charge for teaching :
    • Master 2 Research Functional and Structural Biochemistry


  • In charge for teaching : 
    • Master EDSE : M1, Mastery and knowledge transfer of Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • License Plan : High Schools, Open House for Students : Experimental practical work at the University
  • Participation for teaching :
    • License of Biochemistry, L1, L2, L3
    • Master of Biochemistry, M1
  • Pedagogical referent


  • Co-Head for teaching :
    • License of Biology : L3 Experimental practical of Genetics and Cellular Biology
  • Participation for teaching :
    • Master 1 : Functional Imager


  • Participation for teaching :
  • Pedagogical referent : welcoming and monitoring of new entrants, pedagogical commissions for admission in License, courses registration for students, communication to promote the department Biology of the UCBL


  • Co-Head of the European Unit Tissue Engineering of the Master Biosciences (ENS Lyon - University of Lyon-1)
  • Participation for teaching :
    • CM in the DU de Plastic Surgery of the Face, Faculty of Medicine Lyon-Est (University of Lyon)
    • CM in the Master 2 Cellular Biology, Physiology, Pathology University Paris Diderot-Paris 7

Simon MEGY (MCF)

  • Participation for teaching :
    • License and Master of Biochemistry, L1, L2, L3 and M1
    • Master Pro Biochemical Ingeniering, M2
    • 5th year BIM of INSA
    • 3th year of ENS

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