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2017 [Top] 7
319.  The Multimerization State oftheAmyloid-?42 Amyloid Peptide Governs its Interaction Network withtheExtracellular Matrix.   
Salza R, Lethias C, Ricard-Blum S
(2017) J Alzheimers Dis 56 : 991-1005

318.  Neutralizing and Targeting Properties of a New Set of ?4?7-Specific Antibodies Are Influenced by Their Isotype.   
Girard A, Jelicic K, Van Ryk D, Rochereau N, Cicala C, Arthos J, Noailly B, Genin C, Verrier B, Laurant S, Razanajaoana-Doll D, Pin JJ, Paul S
(2017) J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 75 : 118-127

317.  Tuning the Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Balance to Control the Structure of Chitosan Films and Their Protein Release Behavior.   
Becerra J, Sudre G, Royaud I, Montserret R, Verrier B, Rochas C, Delair T, David L
(2017) AAPS PharmSciTech 18 : 1070-1083

316.  Critical role for skin-derived migratory DCs and Langerhans cells in TFH and GC responses after intradermal immunization.   
Levin C, Bonduelle O, Nuttens C, Primard C, Verrier B, Boissonnas A, Combadiere B
(2017) J Invest Dermatol 

315.  Cutting Edge: A Dual TLR2 and TLR7 Ligand Induces Highly Potent Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses.   
Gutjahr A, Papagno L, Nicoli F, Lamoureux A, Vernejoul F, Lioux T, Gostick E, Price DA, Tiraby G, Perouzel E, Appay V, Verrier B, Paul S
(2017) J Immunol 198 : 4205-4209

314.  Innovative drug vehicle for local treatment of inflammatory skin diseases: Ex vivo and in vivo screening of five topical formulations containing poly(lactic acid) (PLA) nanoparticles.   
Boisgard AS, Lamrayah M, Dzikowski M, Salmon D, Kirilov P, Primard C, Pirot F, Fromy B, Verrier B
(2017) Eur J Pharm Biopharm 116 : 51-60

313.  Specific and Efficient Uptake of Surfactant-Free Poly(Lactic Acid) Nanovaccine Vehicles by Mucosal Dendritic Cells in Adult Zebrafish after Bath Immersion.   
Resseguier J, Delaune E, Coolen AL, Levraud JP, Boudinot P, Le Guellec D, Verrier B
(2017) Front Immunol 8 : 190-190

2016 [Top] 11
312.  First Membrane Proximal External Region-Specific Anti-HIV1 Broadly Neutralizing Monoclonal IgA1 Presenting Short CDRH3 and Low Somatic Mutations.   
Benjelloun F, Oruc Z, Thielens N, Verrier B, Champier G, Vincent N, Rochereau N, Girard A, Jospin F, Chanut B, Genin C, Cogne M, Paul S
(2016) J Immunol 197 : 1979-88

311.  Delivery of antigen to nasal-associated lymphoid tissue microfold cells through secretory IgA targeting local dendritic cells confers protective immunity.   
Rochereau N, Pavot V, Verrier B, Jospin F, Ensinas A, Genin C, Corthesy B, Paul S
(2016) J Allergy Clin Immunol 137 : 214-222

310.  Controlled association and delivery of nanoparticles from jet-sprayed hybrid microfibrillar matrices.   
Keloglu N, Verrier B, Trimaille T, Sohier J
(2016) Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 140 : 142-9

309.  Triggering Intracellular Receptors for Vaccine Adjuvantation.   
Gutjahr A, Tiraby G, Perouzel E, Verrier B, Paul S
(2016) Trends Immunol 37 : 716-716

308.  Multiscale investigation of USPIO nanoparticles in atherosclerotic plaques and their catabolism and storage in vivo.   
Maraloiu VA, Appaix F, Broisat A, Le Guellec D, Teodorescu VS, Ghezzi C, Van Der Sanden B, Blanchin MG
(2016) Nanomedicine 12 : 191-200

307.  Drug loaded composite oxidized pectin and gelatin networks for accelerated wound healing.   
Tummalapalli M, Berthet M, Verrier B, Deopura BL, Alam MS, Gupta B
(2016) Int J Pharm 505 : 234-45

306.  Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles-Based Vaccine Adjuvants for Lymph Nodes Targeting.   
Gutjahr A, Phelip C, Coolen AL, Monge C, Boisgard AS, Paul S, Verrier B
(2016) Vaccines (Basel) 4

305.  Poly(Lactic Acid) Nanoparticles Targeting ?5?1 Integrin as Vaccine Delivery Vehicle, a Prospective Study.   
Dalzon B, Lebas C, Jimenez G, Gutjahr A, Terrat C, Exposito JY, Verrier B, Lethias C
(2016) PLoS One 11 : e0167663-e0167663

304.  Triggering Intracellular Receptors for Vaccine Adjuvantation.   
Gutjahr A, Tiraby G, Perouzel E, Verrier B, Paul S
(2016) Trends Immunol 37 : 573-87

303.  Evaluation of polylactic acid nanoparticles safety using Drosophila model.   
Legaz S, Exposito JY, Lethias C, Viginier B, Terzian C, Verrier B
(2016) Nanotoxicology 10 : 1136-43

302.  Zinc-Stabilized Chitosan-Chondroitin Sulfate Nanocomplexes for HIV-1 Infection Inhibition Application.   
Wu D, Ensinas A, Verrier B, Primard C, Cuvillier A, Champier G, Paul S, Delair T
(2016) Mol Pharm 13 : 3279-91

2015 [Top] 8
301.  A Novel Alpha Cardiac Actin (ACTC1) Mutation Mapping to a Domain in Close Contact with Myosin Heavy Chain Leads to a Variety of Congenital Heart Defects, Arrhythmia and Possibly Midline Defects.   
Augiere C, Megy S, El Malti R, Boland A, El Zein L, Verrier B, Megarbane A, Deleuze JF, Bouvagnet P
(2015) PLoS One 10 : e0127903-e0127903

300.  Differential mechanisms of asparaginase resistance in B-type acute lymphoblastic leukemia and malignant natural killer cell lines.   
Chien WW, Le Beux C, Rachinel N, Julien M, Lacroix CE, Allas S, Sahakian P, Cornut-Thibaut A, Lionnard L, Kucharczak J, Aouacheria A, Abribat T, Salles G
(2015) Sci Rep 5 : 8068-8068

299.  New easy handling and sampling device for bioavailability screening of topical formulations.   
Salmon D, Gilbert E, Gioia B, Haftek M, Pivot C, Verrier B, Pirot F
(2015) Eur J Dermatol 25 Suppl 1 : 23-9

298.  A purified truncated form of yeast Gal4 expressed in Escherichia coli and used to functionalize poly(lactic acid) nanoparticle surface is transcriptionally active in cellulo.   
Legaz S, Exposito JY, Borel A, Candusso MP, Megy S, Montserret R, Lahaye V, Terzian C, Verrier B
(2015) Protein Expr Purif 113 : 94-101

297.  Micelle-Based Adjuvants for Subunit Vaccine Delivery.   
Trimaille T, Verrier B
(2015) Vaccines (Basel) 3 : 803-13

296.  Preparation and in vitro evaluation of imiquimod loaded polylactide-based micelles as potential vaccine adjuvants.   
Jimenez-Sanchez G, Pavot V, Chane-Haong C, Handke N, Terrat C, Gigmes D, Trimaille T, Verrier B
(2015) Pharm Res 32 : 311-20

295.  Secretory IgA as a vaccine carrier for delivery of HIV antigen to M cells.   
Rochereau N, Pavot V, Verrier B, Ensinas A, Genin C, Corthesy B, Paul S
(2015) Eur J Immunol 45 : 773-9

294.  Phenolic indeno[1,2-b]indoles as ABCG2-selective potent and non-toxic inhibitors stimulating basal ATPase activity.   
Gozzi GJ, Bouaziz Z, Winter E, Daflon-Yunes N, Honorat M, Guragossian N, Marminon C, Valdameri G, Bollacke A, Guillon J, Pinaud N, Marchivie M, Cadena SM, Jose J, Le Borgne M, Di Pietro A
(2015) Drug Des Devel Ther 9 : 3481-95

2014 [Top] 14
293.  Apoptosis in capillary endothelial cells in ageing skeletal muscle.   
Wang H, Listrat A, Meunier B, Gueugneau M, Coudy-Gandilhon C, Combaret L, Taillandier D, Polge C, Attaix D, Lethias C, Lee K, Goh KL, Bechet D
(2014) Aging Cell 13 : 254-62

292.  Large-scale nucleotide optimization of simian immunodeficiency virus reduces its capacity to stimulate type I interferon in vitro.   
Vabret N, Bailly-Bechet M, Lepelley A, Najburg V, Schwartz O, Verrier B, Tangy F
(2014) J Virol 88 : 4161-72

291.  [Application of gene therapy to oncologic ophthalmology].   
Philiponnet A, Grange JD, Baggetto LG
(2014) J Fr Ophtalmol 37 : 155-65

290.  Co-delivery of Antigen p24 and NOD-ligands by PLA Nanoparticles to Human Dendritic Cells Promote Highly Functional HIV-1-Specific T-cell Responses.   
Climent N, Pavot V, Garcia F, Lioux T, Perouzel E, Primard C, Paul S, Gatell JM, Plana M, Verrier B, Gallart T
(2014) AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 30 Suppl 1 : A240-1

289.  Skin Migratory APCs Fine-tune Lymph Node Microenvironment for the Generation of T Follicular Helper Cells and Mucosal Immunity.   
Levin C, Nuttens C, Bonduelle O, Perrin H, Verrier B, Fazilleau N, Combadiere B
(2014) AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 30 Suppl 1 : A126-7

288.  Biosynthetic support based on dendritic poly(L-lysine) improves human skin fibroblasts attachment.   
Lorion C, Faye C, Maret B, Trimaille T, Regnier T, Sommer P, Debret R
(2014) J Biomater Sci Polym Ed 25 : 136-49

287.  Particle-based transcutaneous administration of HIV-1 p24 protein to human skin explants and targeting of epidermal antigen presenting cells.   
Rancan F, Amselgruber S, Hadam S, Munier S, Pavot V, Verrier B, Hackbarth S, Combadiere B, Blume-Peytavi U, Vogt A
(2014) J Control Release 176 : 115-22

286.  Chimeric Nod2/TLR2 Ligand Amplifies HIV-1 Gag p24-specific Mucosal and Systemic Immune Responses after Sub Cutaneous Immunization in Mice.   
Phelip C, Pavot V, Rochereau N, Perouzel E, Lioux T, Tiraby G, Primard C, Paul S, Verrier B
(2014) AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 30 Suppl 1 : A195-A195

285.  Loading dendritic cells with PLA-p24 nanoparticles or MVA expressing HIV genes induces HIV-1-specific T cell responses.   
Climent N, Munier S, Pique N, Garcia F, Pavot V, Primard C, Casanova V, Gatell JM, Verrier B, Gallart T
(2014) Vaccine 32 : 6266-76

284.  Poly(lactic acid) and poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) particles as versatile carrier platforms for vaccine delivery.   
Pavot V, Berthet M, Resseguier J, Legaz S, Handke N, Gilbert SC, Paul S, Verrier B
(2014) Nanomedicine (Lond) 9 : 2703-18

283.  Cutting edge: New chimeric NOD2/TLR2 adjuvant drastically increases vaccine immunogenicity.   
Pavot V, Rochereau N, Resseguier J, Gutjahr A, Genin C, Tiraby G, Perouzel E, Lioux T, Vernejoul F, Verrier B, Paul S
(2014) J Immunol 193 : 5781-5

282.  Solid-state NMR sequential assignments of the C-terminal oligomerization domain of human C4b-binding protein.   
Luckgei N, Habenstein B, Ravotti F, Megy S, Penin F, Marchand JB, Hill F, Bockmann A, Meier BH
(2014) Biomol NMR Assign 8 : 1-6

281.  Recent progress in HIV vaccines inducing mucosal immune responses.   
Pavot V, Rochereau N, Lawrence P, Girard MP, Genin C, Verrier B, Paul S
(2014) AIDS 28 : 1701-18

280.  Tenascin-X promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by activating latent TGF-?.   
Alcaraz LB, Exposito JY, Chuvin N, Pommier RM, Cluzel C, Martel S, Sentis S, Bartholin L, Lethias C, Valcourt U
(2014) J Cell Biol 205 : 409-28

2013 [Top] 9
279.  Relationships between structural characteristics of bovine intramuscular connective tissue assessed by image analysis and collagen and proteoglycan content.   
Dubost A, Micol D, Meunier B, Lethias C, Listrat A
(2013) Meat Sci 93 : 378-86

278.  Dectin-1 is essential for reverse transcytosis of glycosylated SIgA-antigen complexes by intestinal M cells.   
Rochereau N, Drocourt D, Perouzel E, Pavot V, Redelinghuys P, Brown GD, Tiraby G, Roblin X, Verrier B, Genin C, Corthesy B, Paul S
(2013) PLoS Biol 11 : e1001658-e1001658

277.  Type I IFN counteracts the induction of antigen-specific immune responses by lipid-based delivery of mRNA vaccines.   
Pollard C, Rejman J, De Haes W, Verrier B, Van Gulck E, Naessens T, De Smedt S, Bogaert P, Grooten J, Vanham G, De Koker S
(2013) Mol Ther 21 : 251-9

276.  Lysine-tagged peptide coupling onto polylactide nanoparticles coated with activated ester-based amphiphilic copolymer: a route to highly peptide-functionalized biodegradable carriers.   
Handke N, Ficheux D, Rollet M, Delair T, Mabrouk K, Bertin D, Gigmes D, Verrier B, Trimaille T
(2013) Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces 103 : 298-303

275.  Structural and biochemical characteristics of bovine intramuscular connective tissue and beef quality.   
Dubost A, Micol D, Picard B, Lethias C, Andueza D, Bauchart D, Listrat A
(2013) Meat Sci 95 : 555-61

274.  Elaboration of glycopolymer-functionalized micelles from an N-vinylpyrrolidone/lactide-based reactive copolymer platform.   
Handke N, Lahaye V, Bertin D, Delair T, Verrier B, Gigmes D, Trimaille T
(2013) Macromol Biosci 13 : 1213-20

273.  Secretory IgA specific for MPER can protect from HIV-1 infection in vitro.   
Benjelloun F, Dawood R, Urcuqui-Inchima S, Rochereau N, Chanut B, Verrier B, Lucht F, Genin C, Paul S
(2013) AIDS 27 : 1992-5

272.  Generation of HIV-1 potent and broad neutralizing antibodies by immunization with postfusion HR1/HR2 complex.   
Dawood R, Benjelloun F, Pin JJ, Kone A, Chanut B, Jospin F, Lucht F, Verrier B, Moog C, Genin C, Paul S
(2013) AIDS 27 : 717-30

271.  Encapsulation of Nod1 and Nod2 receptor ligands into poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles potentiates their immune properties.   
Pavot V, Rochereau N, Primard C, Genin C, Perouzel E, Lioux T, Paul S, Verrier B
(2013) J Control Release 167 : 60-7

2012 [Top] 12
270.  New insights in mucosal vaccine development.   
Pavot V, Rochereau N, Genin C, Verrier B, Paul S
(2012) Vaccine 30 : 142-54

269.  Unprovoked atrial tachyarrhythmias in aging spontaneously hypertensive rats: the role of the autonomic nervous system.   
Scridon A, Gallet C, Arisha MM, Orea V, Chapuis B, Li N, Tabib A, Christe G, Barres C, Julien C, Chevalier P
(2012) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 303 : H386-92

268.  Stability of polylactic acid particles and release of fluorochromes upon topical application on human skin explants.   
Rancan F, Todorova A, Hadam S, Papakostas D, Luciani E, Graf C, Gernert U, Ruhl E, Verrier B, Sterry W, Blume-Peytavi U, Vogt A
(2012) Eur J Pharm Biopharm 80 : 76-84

267.  Role of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope structure in the induction of broadly neutralizing antibodies.   
Benjelloun F, Lawrence P, Verrier B, Genin C, Paul S
(2012) J Virol 86 : 13152-63

266.  dsRNA induces apoptosis through an atypical death complex associating TLR3 to caspase-8.   
Estornes Y, Toscano F, Virard F, Jacquemin G, Pierrot A, Vanbervliet B, Bonnin M, Lalaoui N, Mercier-Gouy P, Pacheco Y, Salaun B, Renno T, Micheau O, Lebecque S
(2012) Cell Death Differ 19 : 1482-94

265.  The development of the myotendinous junction. A review.   
Charvet B, Ruggiero F, Le Guellec D
(2012) Muscles Ligaments Tendons J 2 : 53-63

264.  Neutrophils transport antigen from the dermis to the bone marrow, initiating a source of memory CD8+ T cells.   
Duffy D, Perrin H, Abadie V, Benhabiles N, Boissonnas A, Liard C, Descours B, Reboulleau D, Bonduelle O, Verrier B, Van Rooijen N, Combadiere C, Combadiere B
(2012) Immunity 37 : 917-29

263.  Structural basis of fibrillar collagen trimerization and related genetic disorders.   
Bourhis JM, Mariano N, Zhao Y, Harlos K, Exposito JY, Jones EY, Moali C, Aghajari N, Hulmes DJ
(2012) Nat Struct Mol Biol 19 : 1031-6

262.  Cutting edge: Protective effect of CX3CR1+ dendritic cells in a vaccinia virus pulmonary infection model.   
Bonduelle O, Duffy D, Verrier B, Combadiere C, Combadiere B
(2012) J Immunol 188 : 952-6

261.  Intradermal immunization triggers epidermal Langerhans cell mobilization required for CD8 T-cell immune responses.   
Liard C, Munier S, Joulin-Giet A, Bonduelle O, Hadam S, Duffy D, Vogt A, Verrier B, Combadiere B
(2012) J Invest Dermatol 132 : 615-25

260.  A synthetic peptide derived from the parasite Toxoplasma gondii triggers human dendritic cells' migration.   
Persat F, Mercier C, Ficheux D, Colomb E, Trouillet S, Bendridi N, Musset K, Loeuillet C, Cesbron-Delauw MF, Vincent C
(2012) J Leukoc Biol 92 : 1241-50

259.  The biased nucleotide composition of HIV-1 triggers type I interferon response and correlates with subtype D increased pathogenicity.   
Vabret N, Bailly-Bechet M, Najburg V, Muller-Trutwin M, Verrier B, Tangy F
(2012) PLoS One 7 : e33502-e33502

2011 [Top] 12
258.  Leucine-rich protein 130 contributes to apoptosis resistance of human hepatocarcinoma cells.     
Michaud M, Barakat S, Magnard S, Rigal D, Baggetto LG
(2011) Int J Oncol 38 : 169-78

257.  Isolation, characterization and biological evaluation of jellyfish collagen for use in biomedical applications.   
Addad S, Exposito JY, Faye C, Ricard-Blum S, Lethias C
(2011) Mar Drugs 9 : 967-83

256.  Development of the zebrafish myoseptum with emphasis on the myotendinous junction.   
Charvet B, Malbouyres M, Pagnon-Minot A, Ruggiero F, Le Guellec D
(2011) Cell Tissue Res 346 : 439-49

255.  Phenotypic localization of distinct DC subsets in mouse Peyer Patch.   
Rochereau N, Verrier B, Pin JJ, Genin C, Paul S
(2011) Vaccine 29 : 3655-61

254.  Fab'-induced folding of antigenic N-terminal peptides from intrinsically disordered HIV-1 Tat revealed by X-ray crystallography.     
Serriere J, Dugua JM, Bossus M, Verrier B, Haser R, Gouet P, Guillon C
(2011) J Mol Biol 405 : 33-42

253.  Targeting of HIV-p24 particle-based vaccine into differential skin layers induces distinct arms of the immune responses.   
Liard C, Munier S, Arias M, Joulin-Giet A, Bonduelle O, Duffy D, Shattock RJ, Verrier B, Combadiere B
(2011) Vaccine 29 : 6379-91

252.  Characterization of spatial and temporal expression pattern of Col15a1b during zebrafish development.     
Bretaud S, Pagnon-Minot A, Guillon E, Ruggiero F, Le Guellec D
(2011) Gene Expr Patterns 11 : 129-34

251.  Elaboration of Densely Functionalized Polylactide Nanoparticles from N-Acryloxysuccinimide-Based Block Copolymers     
Handke N, Trimaille T, Luciani E, Rollet M, Delair T, Verrier B, Bertin D, Gigmes D,

250.  Phenotypic localization of distinct DC subsets in mouse Peyer Patch     
Rochereau N, Verrier B, Pin JJ, Genin C, Paul S
(2011) VACCINE 29 : 3655-3661

249.  Structuring detergents for extracting and stabilizing functional membrane proteins.     
Matar-Merheb R, Rhimi M, Leydier A, Huche F, Galian C, Desuzinges-Mandon E, Ficheux D, Flot D, Aghajari N, Kahn R, Di Pietro A, Jault JM, Coleman AW, Falson P
(2011) PLoS One 6 : e18036-e18036

248.  Heteronuclear proton assisted recoupling.     
De Paepe G, Lewandowski JR, Loquet A, Eddy M, Megy S, Bockmann A, Griffin RG
(2011) J Chem Phys 134 : 095101-095101

247.  Poly(D,L-lactide)-block-poly(2-hydroxyethyl acrylate) block copolymers as potential biomaterials for peripheral nerve repair: in vitro and in vivo degradation studies.   
Clement B, Decherchi P, Feron F, Bertin D, Gigmes D, Trimaille T, Marqueste T
(2011) Macromol Biosci 11 : 1175-84

2010 [Top] 11
246.  Tenascin-X increases the stiffness of collagen gels without affecting fibrillogenesis.     
Margaron Y, Bostan L, Exposito JY, Malbouyres M, Trunfio-Sfarghiu AM, Berthier Y, Lethias C
(2010) Biophys Chem 147 : 87-91

245.  Chikungunya disease in nonhuman primates involves long-term viral persistence in macrophages.     
Labadie K, Larcher T, Joubert C, Mannioui A, Delache B, Brochard P, Guigand L, Dubreil L, Lebon P, Verrier B, De Lamballerie X, Suhrbier A, Cherel Y, Le Grand R, Roques P
(2010) J Clin Invest 120 : 894-906

244.  Traffic of poly(lactic acid) nanoparticulate vaccine vehicle from intestinal mucus to sub-epithelial immune competent cells.     
Primard C, Rochereau N, Luciani E, Genin C, Delair T, Paul S, Verrier B
(2010) Biomaterials 31 : 6060-8

243.  Self-assemblies on chitosan nanohydrogels.     
Brunel F, Veron L, David L, Domard A, Verrier B, Delair T
(2010) Macromol Biosci 10 : 424-32

242.  Polysaccharide-based vaccine delivery systems: Macromolecular assembly, interactions with antigen presenting cells, and in vivo immunomonitoring.     
Weber C, Drogoz A, David L, Domard A, Charles MH, Verrier B, Delair T
(2010) J Biomed Mater Res A 93 : 1322-34

241.  The fibrillar collagen family.     
Exposito JY, Valcourt U, Cluzel C, Lethias C
(2010) Int J Mol Sci 11 : 407-26

240.  Second Harmonic Generation, a new approach for analyzing the interfacial properties of a short tryptophan-rich peptide     
Matar G, Duboisset J, Benichou E, Bachelier G, Russier-Antoine I, Jonin C, Ficheux D, Brevet PF, Besson F
(2010) CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 500 : 161-166

239.  Very high frequency components of renal sympathetic nerve activity in conscious rats.   
Chapuis B, Orea V, Barres C, Julien C
(2010) Auton Neurosci 152 : 55-9

238.  First hyperpolarizability of the natural aromatic amino acids tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine and the tripeptide lysine-tryptophan-lysine determined by hyper-Rayleigh scattering.     
Duboisset J, Matar G, Russier-Antoine I, Benichou E, Bachelier G, Jonin Ch, Ficheux D, Besson F, Brevet PF
(2010) J Phys Chem B 114 : 13861-5

237.  Capture of enveloped viruses using polymer tentacles containing magnetic latex particles.     
Arkhis A, Elaissari A, Delair T, Verrier B, Mandrand B
(2010) J Biomed Nanotechnol 6 : 28-36

236.  UV and X-ray structural studies of a 101-residue long Tat protein from a HIV-1 primary isolate and of its mutated, detoxified, vaccine candidate.     
Foucault M, Mayol K, Receveur-Brechot V, Bussat MC, Klinguer-Hamour C, Verrier B, Beck A, Haser R, Gouet P, Guillon C
(2010) Proteins 78 : 1441-56

2009 [Top] 9
235.  Matrix and envelope coevolution revealed in a patient monitored since primary infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1.     
Beaumont E, Vendrame D, Verrier B, Roch E, Biron F, Barin F, Mammano F, Brand D
(2009) J Virol 83 : 9875-89

234.  Nanoparticle-based targeting of vaccine compounds to skin antigen-presenting cells by hair follicles and their transport in mice.     
Mahe B, Vogt A, Liard C, Duffy D, Abadie V, Bonduelle O, Boissonnas A, Sterry W, Verrier B, Blume-Peytavi U, Combadiere B
(2009) J Invest Dermatol 129 : 1156-64

233.  Influence of antigen exposure on the loss of long-term memory to childhood vaccines in HIV-infected patients.     
Puissant-Lubrano B, Combadiere B, Duffy D, Wincker N, Frachette MJ, Ait-Mohand H, Verrier B, Katlama C, Autran B
(2009) Vaccine 27 : 3576-83

232.  Nanomechanical properties of tenascin-X revealed by single-molecule force spectroscopy.     
Jollymore A, Lethias C, Peng Q, Cao Y, Li H
(2009) J Mol Biol 385 : 1277-86

231.  Original encounter with antigen determines antigen-presenting cell imprinting of the quality of the immune response in mice.     
Abadie V, Bonduelle O, Duffy D, Parizot C, Verrier B, Combadiere B
(2009) PLoS One 4 : e8159-e8159

230.  Investigation of polylactic acid (PLA) nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for local dermatotherapy.     
Rancan F, Papakostas D, Hadam S, Hackbarth S, Delair T, Primard C, Verrier B, Sterry W, Blume-Peytavi U, Vogt A
(2009) Pharm Res 26 : 2027-36

229.  Dendritic cells loaded with HIV-1 p24 proteins adsorbed on surfactant-free anionic PLA nanoparticles induce enhanced cellular immune responses against HIV-1 after vaccination.     
Aline F, Brand D, Pierre J, Roingeard P, Severine M, Verrier B, Dimier-Poisson I
(2009) Vaccine 27 : 5284-91

228.  DNA from KI, WU and Merkel cell polyomaviruses is not detected in childhood central nervous system tumours or neuroblastomas.   
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2008 [Top] 7
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2007 [Top] 16
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2006 [Top] 13
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2005 [Top] 20
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2004 [Top] 16
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2003 [Top] 7
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2002 [Top] 9
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2001 [Top] 7
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2000 [Top] 13
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1999 [Top] 7
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1998 [Top] 9
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1997 [Top] 13
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1996 [Top] 8
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1995 [Top] 8
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1994 [Top] 8
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1993 [Top] 8
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1991 [Top] 9
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1990 [Top] 6
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1989 [Top] 2
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1988 [Top] 2
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1986 [Top] 2
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1985 [Top] 3
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1984 [Top] 2
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1983 [Top] 5
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1981 [Top] 1
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1980 [Top] 1
(1980) BIOLOGIE CELLULAIRE  38 : 71-